Activity to scale back in UBC Vancouver’s EOC

To focus efforts on planning the next phase of UBC’s response to COVID-19, the UBC Vancouver Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will scale back the frequency of its meetings. From the beginning of May, briefings will be held once a week and will be a forum for problem solving, escalating concerns and decisions, and sharing information centrally.

Several of the working groups will continue their coordinated work (e.g., infection control, events, and research and curriculum delivery) and will report in as needed. The following groups will continue their support to the EOC: the Planning Section and Critical Supply & Logistics. The physical EOC space in Orchard Commons will remain ‘ready for use’ until further notice and at a minimum until the end of the Provincial State of Emergency.

As events unfold and as re-entry to campus begins the scaling back up of EOC activity is fully anticipated.

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