Hazardous Materials

Hazardous material (Hazmat) spills can occur on land or in water, and involve substances such as chemicals, radiation, biohazard materials, oil and gas, propane, flammable materials, industrial products, and mixed waste. If a hazardous material spill occurs at UBC, you may need to evacuate your building or Shelter-in-place.

Chemical, bio-hazard or radiation spill

Any uncontrolled release of hazardous materials is considered a spill and these procedures must be followed:

  • Evacuate the immediate area. Shut down equipment.
  • Isolate area and prevent re-entry.
  • Call 911 and follow 911 procedures.
  • Provide the following information about the spilled material to the operator.
  • Location (street address, building/department, room number)
  • Any injuries
  • Chemical Name
  • Quantity
  • Hazards
  • Do not hang up until the operator releases you.
  • Wait for emergency personnel outside the main entrance of the building. Provide information (e.g. SDS).
  • Call Campus Security at 604-822-2222.
  • Inform the Supervisor or Department Head.

Gas leak

  • Follow Fortis BC procedures .
  • Shut down equipment.
  • Evacuate the building, closing doors as you leave.